Monday, 3 September 2012

My family are very patient...

...I am a Mum of two gorgeous girls and I am very lucky to say that although I work beyond full time hours, I work from home. A homemaking homemaker. My family are very patient. Why? Because I have taken up half of the house with my business, my hoardings, my treasures, my makings, my stationery. The once living room to our house is now my studio, a full functioning studio. A room I affectionately call The Linen Garden....
I feel unsettled when my surroundings stay the same for too long (apparently it is because I am Aries, although I am not too sure this is the reason)....I think my husband would say it is one of my annoying cosmetics of 'being me'....
I like change, I hate routine (but I do need to work on this as working from home with a young family does require a pinch of organisation), so I am constantly moving furniture, changing the purpose of rooms around, re-painting the colours of the walls

The ever changing appearance of my studio is partly what keeps me inspired.  I love how I look back at photos and see how the studio changes in colour, mood, style, tidyness.

Working on your own can be quite challenging at times, you have to be extremely disciplined......working from home you have the domestic goddess, that you think you should be, whispering in your ear about "the pile of ironing, the breakfast pots, shall we make soup and bread for tea, shall we read the Sunday supplements and find some new recipes, you really should hoover the stairs".... I try not to listen to her, in fact, looking at my house at the moment I definately haven't been listening to her.... when the tasks in hand for the day are rather repetative I indulge in the advantages of working from home.  These at the moment are  6Music, Iplayer and the Desert Island Discs Archive (fabulous by the way) to keep me going at these times.... So tell me, what do you use to help nudge the working day along... please share and break my cycle, you know I don't like routine.......


  1. Oh, what a fabulous studio! So much inspiration!
    I use the dining area as my craft space...I really need a bigger room with lots of shelves...
    I'm at home full time too..and my domestic goddess is ignored too!
    I like to change up the music or just wander in the garden to break up my routine..or even walk the dog.
    Hugs xx

    1. the problem is - I escape to the garden and want to stay there and potter. x

  2. Good Morning, Your studio ( AKA living room) is dreamy and fabulous. I think we have shared before our love of Vernon Ward.

    I too work from home. By 8.30 I have breakfasted four girls and one Mr T. Made two pack lunches. Dropped the girls off at three different schools. On a wednesday, I have the added bliss of two violins and a double bass to drop off! The moment I step inside after all this, I breathe...peace! I walk into the kitchen, I turn on my old original Bush radio to Radio 4, put the kettle on, and sit at my lovely wooden island and eat my toast, drink my tea, and open the computer. This is where I catch up with the likes of you, wedding blogs, emails etc.

    Later in the day, when the sun has warmed it, I move up to my summer house....bush radio comes too. But today...I have to put away all the china, etc from two events this weekend. The garage is currently looking like.....well..a disaster of box's, tissue paper. But nothing is quite like that first hour of peace. I couldn't start the day without it.

    Have a lovely day, xx

    1. Hazel, I will never, ever moan about my school run again! xxx

  3. An impromptu phone call or email from you always makes my day change!

    Also a quick glance on pinterest always makes for a different take on the world. It calms the soul knowing I do have an eye for lovely things and a talent that needs to be explored.


  4. Hello Vicky
    I work in confined spaces (caravans) What keeps me going is looking at what people like yourself create. Your wares are truly beautiful and pretty. I am also an Aries and indulge my need for revamping my surroundings by revamping my vintage caravans! Look forward to your clear out on facebook.
    Sharon. xx

  5. As a lover of caravans Sharon - you have the perfect job in my eyes.... x

  6. What a beautiful home/studio you have, working from home is a challenge, the mess sometimes overwhelms me. I feel it is like a tide, it ebbs and flows but there is always a bit of flotsam and jetsom left. I have to tidy and then start all over again.Jx

  7. If you EVER tire of that amazing jelly print, please let me buy it! It's utterly inspiring. My studio is our smallest bedroom. And it's a disaster zone!

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