Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Meandering to Hope & Elvis

'Bloomsbury Bag' Workshop
held at Hope & Elvis
situated in The Welbeck Estate
nr Workshop
Saturday 14th May

Well, what can I say about yesterday.......what words can possibly match what the images portray below.  A group of wonderful a workshop that is beyond inspiring, owned by one of the most loveliest of ladies who is filled with passion for all to be creative in the textiles world.

So much fun....giddiness filled to every corner of the room....
a beautiful community spirit that is hard to find these days.....
amazingly productive day...and a warmth created that embraced us all. 
Thank you ladies for such an amazing time.....

If you would like to arrange a Linen Garden 'Meandering Bag' workshop at your venue then please get in touch with me at
sewing machines are desirable but a hand stitched version is available too.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Painterly Meanderings

After 6 months of sourcing the perfect florals and 10 weeks of making, I would like to introduce to you the new Linen Garden meandering bag collection, the first of this year.

This year brings an introduction of new designs made in time aged linen and barkcloth.....'the original meandering style is still available in the three sizes' but new introductions titled 'the day out'.....'the artisan'....and 'the social' are perfect additions...each design available as limited edition collections. the birds rise and the sun starts to filter through the trees
of The Linen Garden,
the bags will be available in store, 
from the morning of
Sunday 8th May.....

I shall leave you with a small handful of photographs
for you to browse
at your leisure.....
Have a beautiful weekend.....
.I here it is going to be cardigan weather instead of the trusted raincoat.
Warmest of wishes
(all images taken on location at Dark Star Plants,
Walled Garden, East Rounton, North Yorkshire...
a big thank you to Jenny Gaunt for being so kind and
allowing us to invade her beautiful creative space).