Saturday, 19 July 2014

'safe to travel'

I have owned a little pebble mobile phone for the past 16 years.  Never needed to upgrade as I am very rarely 'mobile' - I am mainly sat in the studio working or in the house - so it is easy to speak to me via land-line, email or social media.  However, Mr H. insisted I upgraded for 'safety' reasons.  Travelling up and down the motorway or back country lanes with a 16 year old phone whose battery has very little ummpphh is not sensible or neither what is generally done these days......(apparently) xxx

So, when Mr H. announced that he had bought me a phone, I did, on this occasion,  get a tad excited.  Not because I was now 'safe to travel' but because I could finally become part of Instagram!!!!!!   

I can't begin to tell you how jealous I have been, watching all you image makers out there - with your filters and your photos of feet and food and your travels and makings and daily snapshots of your life..... Two weeks in and I am already addicted and I am going to spend the next few weeks getting 'to know' my phone. So, if you are on IG then please let me know and leave a link in the comments below so that I can follow you and nosey into your world. I am a very nosey person. xxx

You can click here to link to my Instagram if you fancy following my little snapshots.

Friday, 18 July 2014

...a photo shoot, 600 miles and a lot of lists....

For the last few weeks nothing much has happened here on this little journal of mine.  This isn't due to me putting my feet up,  being asleep or hibernating away. Although, at present, that is exactly what I feel like doing - a sort of contented form of hibernation.  The last mile of a wonderful marathon so to speak.
I have had the most wonderful three weeks where I have been working on a couple of lovely commissions, the house & studio was photographed for a book, due out next year, (a bit ridiculously excited about that-seriously have to pinch myself) and a trip down to Guildford to exhibit at Selina Lake's Summer Fete.  Travelling 600 miles, there and back to Surrey, has left me slightly fuzzy - travelling back, I think I left my zest and gusto somewhere in a service station on the M1. But it was so worth the journey, travelling down with friends in a constant vacuum of giddyness, to arrive and catch up with more friends, to meet new people, to sell my makings and treasures, to spend far too much money in the Toast and Anthropology sale (that wasn't supposed to happen).....

I have just had a lovely final week of working on a list of floral makings for Lotti's and now I am going to find the cosiest of chairs, the loveliest list of walks, 'that' pile of books I have been wanting to read for the last year, lots of potterings to do with the girls, find my sketchbook,.... say hello to Mr H. who has kept the house afloat for the last couple of months... and enjoy a few weeks of meandering around North Yorkshire without a care in the world.  I'll still be nattering over at my Facebook page and I have just joined Instagram resulting in another image collating addiction ...

Enjoy the warmth of Summer, the sunshine on your face whilst cosying in your favourite garden chair, the varied compositions of a good gin and tonic, collecting memories with your family.... you must let me know what your summer plans are and your favourite ways of making life stop...... so that I can secretly be jealous of your meanderings too..

So here is a little album of my recordings of the last few weeks, a lot to condense into one has been a decorative time in so many ways - you may want to make a coffee, it is quite a visual diary....... xxxx


(I always plan my table top in the studio before popping off to fairs, 
it maintains sanity and calmness - well most of the time)

Marna, Jane & Me
my travelling partners

(the studio this week)

 The Linen Garden will be closed until August 12th