Thursday, 21 February 2013

something a little painterly for you...

As the queen of list making I have just composed a masterpiece of all the makings and tasks to potter through for the exciting month that is March, orders, exhibitions and haberdashery stock to be re-loved for the shelves of The Linen Garden store.  

This year I am allowing myself the freedom of becoming a maker of all things to please my own eye, some I may sell, others I will keep.  The need to throw myself into painting again is becoming rather overwhelming, when the warm days return and I can sit in my garden again with beautiful thick watercolour paper and dyes and paint and pencils.

This is my week so far.  Has yours been a colourful one?

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

s p r i n g i s c o m i n g

the studio looks rather pretty today and I have only 
just realised that the daffodil has such a divine scent..

Monday, 4 February 2013

Decorate It Yourself - PROJECT ONE

 My love of old linen and lace took a new direction in January when I opened up my own on-line haberdashery store.  As a maker myself of The Vintage Drawer, my studio becomes a little overwhelming at times with my obsession to hoard - I also love to encourage to make too, so the two go hand in hand with the store and a diy project or two.  So if you browse The Linen Garden shelves feeling inspired and wanting to play but  not too sure what to do and make - then let me be the first to set you a project this February. There will be a project for you to follow each month.

Decorate-It-Yourself - PROJECT ONE
Not only do I hoard linens but I hoard vases and vessels too.  There is nothing more pleasing than coming in from the shops armed with a cluster of colour or popping into the garden to collect a few seasonal snippets, choosing the right vase, arranging and then working out where they will look just 'fabulous' here is another layering for that decoration to be complete - a pretty home made 'vase collar'.... 

You will need:
antique cuff or collar or selection of wide lace
ribbon for ties
cut flower pack from The Linen Garden shop
a few extra haberdashery details also from The Linen Garen shop
cotton thread
embroidery thread
needles and pins
a comfy chair and inspiring background music

 STEP 1: Choose your background, a straight edged antique cuff or lace panel, you can also sew a lovely selection of lace together to form your ground.  If a collar is used with a slight curve then a more frill  effect will be achieved where the vase collar will stand out from the vase (I call these 'vase pinnies').  
Both methods are lovely (you can see a pinny version below)
STEP 2: Attach your ribbon of equal lengths, you may want to test the length first to ensure you will have enough ribbon to make a tie. Two 50cm lengths will be a good start - you can always cut down later if they are too long for your vase.  Use a few tidy straight stitches to attach, you can always place a pretty crochet flower or fabric flower over the join for extra decoration.
STEP 3: Arrange your cut flowers and haberdashery into varied compositions until you have a design you are happy with.
STEP 4: Pin carefully in place and using small stitches sew each panel and piece in place.
STEP 5: For extra detail take some off cuts of lace and crochet and hand sew down detail for the centre of your flower(s) with embroidery thread - lovely varied size seed stitches (small running stitch) in different colours would look perfect.
 STEP 6: Treat yourself to something special in bloom or lovely cuttings from teh garden - find the perfect vessel - tie around the straight vertical edges of your vase - pop the kettle on - sit back with a cuppa and admire your work.
 ...and here is the pinny version - a little more 'frilly'....

Please note vintage haberdashery, cut flower packs and lace potter & sew packs are popped on the shelves every few days - so if you can't find what you are looking for on the shelves at The Linen Garden then please send me a message at and I will be happy to help.

I would also love to see your creations made with The Linen Garden products - please send me your images too to the email address above.....

H A P P Y   M A K I N G


Sunday, 3 February 2013

a little note...

...just a little note to say that there's a few more vintage lovelies been popped on the shelves over at The Linen Garden Haberdashery Store and I will also be posting the first of the DIY posts using lots of cut flowers and lace from the store too this week.... 'Pretty Vase Collars' for you to make just in time for the first of the Spring buds and blooms....