Saturday, 27 June 2015

gathering and listening

...I have so many reasons why I 'need' flowers in the house, no matter the season.
They are settling.
Not only do they make a room visually change but they can change the feeling of a room....change the scent. Differing changes in appearance through the dancing light of the day is always such a pleasure to watch and a treasure to have.
A diary of sensations.
Alone as a statement of loss/love/happiness/friendship or 'just because'.
-or- cuddled up in bunched company, comforting, snug, wholesome delight.

This week the flowers picked from the garden and flowers bought are to get me from a to b.  I need this week to go the other side will be the arrival home of Mr H. who has been away for over 5 weeks...away too long.  So when this mix of delicate and sculptured flowers start to fade

I will have my best friend home.

Has there been a reason/a story behind your floral snippets this week?

...and somewhere in the background I am listening to....

Monday, 15 June 2015

Renee Scott

The garden, to me, is a diary.  It measures time, re-kindles memories, plants come and go like cheery visitors and some are planted for deep hearted reason.  I planted this rose nearly 20 years ago when I lived in a cottage on my own.  It was planted in a large pot to remember 'nana' as I only had a yard and not a garden and it was important that it could be moved and travel with me.  The colour, the scent, the rambling nature all in memory of Renee Scott.

Now this rose is in the ground here at moved home and away from its pot 13 years ago and was placed against the trellis that centres across the garden....and around the middle of June the first rose pops before cascading across the trellis with its colour and scent....and at the first bloom, every year...I always say "hiya Nan" ...

The first bloom is always picked and brought into the house like a smile.....

Sunday, 14 June 2015

the sketchbook journeys No.2

It has taken a few weeks, since my first sketchbook journeys post, to grab a little time to 'study' again.
You can read 'sketchbook journeys No.1' here

Still not quite sure what I am doing with my camera (but I love it so)...but every month a little more information, experimentation is absorbed.  Here's the results of my dancing around the dials and higher light settings until I found a pretty bright cheery finish..... note to self -  potter with dark next time.....

and just because I couldn't resist.....
a few that 'have' had a little tinkering.....
it is a habit I will have to shake

Monday, 8 June 2015


I mentioned in a previous posts(s) that I am walking slowly down a pathway of that I or you may not even notice a change as it will be so slow and organic...but a change that is refreshing, exciting, destination unknown, but it will be full of search and rich in inquiry.

First stop is the house....obviously I hoard...and I hoard way too much.  So each week I select a handful of hours to tidy and whilst tidying I slowly sort and whilst sorting I place the odd piece of treasure into a 'move on' box.....and as each corner/shelf/cupboard top clears I fill a vessel of garden pickings and the feeling of contentment wraps me like a calming blanket and another step is taken forward.