Sunday, 27 April 2014

...a Sunday sigh...

joyful...two rather long french pelmets have moved into the house...
they have been laundered and folded and they are now awaiting there new 
position at number 17 - unsure of where but I'll just admire them for a while...

Friday, 25 April 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lotti's (one)

Every now and again I get little glimmers of opportunities to work on wonderful and exciting projects that allow me to escape the studio walls - always a good thing to escape every once in a while.  Most of the time I have to turn them down...mainly because they are either too far away (one of the downfalls of living up north as most offerings are in the south) or I can't weave them around school runs and the kids or on rare occasions, requests are made, where it would involve blood, sweat and tears for the equivalent of £1.23 an hour (if you are lucky)...
Last month I met two lovely ladies - Mum and Daughter - Michelle & Lotti -  who were to open a Tea/Craft/Natterings & Chatterings/Cake Filled/Meeting Place/Making Place/Supporting Local Businesses kind of Tea Bar in the day Cocktail Bar of an evening.  

(a) Would I like to be involved?
(b) Would I be interested in holding workshops?
(C) Could I make a few lovely pieces to sell?
(d) Can they be inspired by my studio to inspire its decoration?
(e) If so - can 'I' come along and make the furnishings and frills using my palette of fabrics?
(f) Would I mind coming over and helping style the Tea Bar too with a little stamp of The Linen Garden....

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES please!!!!

So here is stage one of this little project 'Lotti's' and the brief is to make furnishings and similar in the style of everything that is displayed in my studio on a daily basis.  So I am given free reign to produce a collection of floral fancies for a new Tea Bar that is to open close by in Stokesley (North Yorkshire) next month.  
 So here is the selection, so far, for a mammoth cushion making month. 
A big floral soup!
I'll keep you posted of how things are tinkering on - it is so refreshing to work on an interior as a blank canvas.  I'll write more too of the concept behind the Tea Bar as it is all so inspiring - but one exciting aspect is that every once in a while the main room will become my new space to hold workshops.  So I had better get my thinking cap on.  If you would like to be popped on the mailing list for the workshops (once they are invented) then either leave a message here with your email address or pop a little message over to me at and I will let you know when we are ready to go..........wish me luck - I'm a tad excited about this one!!!

...if you fancy a little cushion making yourself - I have just ironed 
and neatly folded a whole collection onto the shelves of The Linen Garden

Saturday, 19 April 2014

gathering and listening

 ...I have just taken a few days away with the family to hibernate for a while in our caravan...a break is always needed and embraced and treasured.  Our caravan is our little haven where I truly allow myself to relax and recline into a horizontal state of mind.....a wonderful calmness.  Days sat outside wrapped in blankets...little days out and treks across the varied landscapes of North Yorkshire.  We tend to stay close to home...but I love how places that are very familiar to us can be seen so differently when visiting as a 'holiday maker' ... and I return back to work I love how the studio feels different...deliveries have arrived while I have been much loveliness to make with 'and' for you to make with too as some treasures are about to be placed on the shelves of The Linen Garden.....including this years collection of reclaimed crochet packs.....I hope, you too, have managed to find a few days to make life stop and spend time with family and friends 'making memories' xxxxxxxxxx

....and listening to Elbow (alot)

Friday, 4 April 2014


the starting journey to a few new mini 'gatherings' of collage

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Little Bet

Little Betty has finally found her spot 
after all the sorting and tidying and re-arranging of the studio - 
she is rather ornamental than use these days but very treasured.