Friday, 24 October 2014


...a little note...
My second collection of bags launches this evening at 6pm...
new painterly projects
have been lovingly made
A tad excited.......sprinkled with nervous confetti 
as always when you are selling your soul, I mean wares....

Here is the link - and a sneak 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bags of Floral Love - Collection 2

The Linen Garden's first collection of bags launched late September and I had planned to write a few words in this journal of mine to announce the launch and the designs available. but. to my heart warming surprise most of the floral bags sold out within 24 hours.  Amazing...

I adore floral linen (have you noticed), it is a millimetre away from being an addiction. When a piece of old screen printed Sanderson arrives in the studio I like to just study it awhile. As a textile designer at birth it makes me rather giddy to cast my eye over the painterly marks and stylised observations, the beautifully considered compositions and the softness that only age can apply to a fabric.  The designs of the bags are made in a way to celebrate this...a miniature painting to rest on your wrist or an oversized 'skirt bag' that you feel as if you are wearing.  Most are vintage Sanderson prints or prints of that nature and style.  It is my little obsession to sit and look at the fabric and consider the shape of the bag, it's handles. its fastening, its liner, and, while assembling and stitching, a name is given that feels 'just right'.  

The collection is loosely designed with the thirties in mind a nod to Bloomsbury, the hand made, the artisan. Not one bag is ever made the same to make each pretty lady an individual..  Here is a little glimpse to Collection 2 (just a glimpse mind you)...there will be over 35 available so hopefully you will be able to purchase a floral that feels just right for you.  She will arrive carefully wrapped in scented tissue and placed lovingly in a named box as she makes the journey to her new home. The first collection has travelled many roads in the UK as well as over seas to Germany, Australia and the US....far better travelled than I.

It would be lovely for you to stop by at The Linen Garden shop, the new bags will be waiting from 6.00pm on Friday October 24th.  There are also currently just a few available from Collection 1 too over on the shelves - just in case you can't wait til next week.  xxxxxx