Monday, 23 November 2015

Meandering Bags & Work-Smocks

 ...November has been a busy floral curating, gathering and making month...
The new 'Winter' collection of The Linen Garden's Meandering Bags is now available over in the store.

This collection has been affectionately named after my favourite places in Yorkshire (mainly North) that I love to visit.  The last studio makings until Spring.

I am also pleased to introduce to you this month the new collection of striped 'Work Smocks'.  Made from flax cotton, these smocks are so comfortable to potter around the studio in or wear with a fabulous scarf on a little venture or team up with a Meandering Bag.  Available from size 10-18 (uk).

So I leave you with a little gallery of pics to introduce you to the latest floral curations.






  1. Thank you Lorna - the new collection is ready in approx. 3-4 weeks over on the website - exciting. xxxx