Sunday, 31 August 2014

a sunday sigh

Whether I sell my makings or a selection of haberdashery from The Linen Garden shop
it is always my absolute pleasure and joy to wrap orders as 'I' like to receive.

I love that my customers leave me messages to say what a joy it was to open up their 'parcels of pretty' which makes the experience of a purchase even more special.  And we all love those special details in life.

So - what is this to do with my usual 'sunday sigh'??? It is that the receipt of my new stickers simply made me smile and contentedly sigh .  A simple sticker and a sheet of tissue.

A posting of the top image on Instagram and Facebook 
brought requests and asks for me to consider selling them.

So I have ordered more so I can do just that and they are now available over at 
The Linen Garden on the Paperie shelf.

Enjoy your Sunday
I hope something brings you a sigh of contentment today

Friday, 22 August 2014

my week - a blink of the eye

...another decorative week has breezed by
and my hair is getting redder to ensure I am as cheery as my work...xxxx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

a sunday sigh

....I have a lovely collection of fabrics set aside for more wintry I am currently sat in that lovely process of searching for inspiration and palettes and textures.....
...stepping closer and closer to Autumn and I warm back to blues...

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Workshops at Lotti's

In April, I helped style a new TeaBar in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, called Lotti's, and I am now rather excited to announce that I will be holding two workshops there this Autumn.

Tuesday 7th October - Hand stitch your own Floral Love Brooch

Wednesday 8th October - hand stitch your own pretty Floral Vintage Cushion using a personal selection of fabric panels available on the night.

I am rather looking forward to getting out and about more in the next twelve months.  So as the nights draw in and you search for social gatherings to fill your time and escape from day to day doings then you may fancy coming and joining me and The Tea Girls for a little hand stitching on your lap, a cup of tea and a slice of cake......... ( 'tea-pot cocktails' will be available at an additional charge) Details are in the posters below or leave a comment if you have any questions.  You may want to keep popping back too as I have a fair few things to announce...giddy is not the word... xxxx

Friday, 15 August 2014

hours of indulgence

At occasional times, through the year, I flit away to my caravan (I am sure you know as I never stop talking about it).  These times are to make life stop awhile and to enjoy passing time being a little indulgent.
During the odd hour or two I like to take a few hoops with me....I never know how they are going to turn out...but I can disappear in hours of stitching, while the radio is on and preferably in my favourite chair with a little sun on my face.

So here are the first two from this year ( a few more to appear over the next couple of ways or so)... These are now for sale over at The Linen Garden shop... they have lived on my studio wall for a couple of months where I have enjoyed their stay and now they need to flit to new homes.  And....if you fancy the idea of flitting away a few hours with me and making a hoop for yourself then I will be announcing a 'natter and stitch' workshop here in the studio during late September/October.  Keep watching. Lots of dates for workshops will be announced next week - even one in

Thursday, 14 August 2014

...a little announcement...

I will be opening my studio to visitors once a month very very soon. You will now have the opportunity to browse and purchase stock from The Linen Garden as well as vintage treasures and my makings and you may even get a cup of tea on arrival. xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


It has been a long time since I did a giveaway....but I fancy sprinkling a little floral happiness around.  My holiday has left me feeling rather chirpy and cheery.  
This little 11" hand made cushion, with it's own over sized 'floral love' brooch, (which I am sure it won't mind you borrowing once in a while for your cardigan), can be yours to sit pretty in your abode.
All you have to do is be a follower of this little journal of mine and leave a comment below telling me your favourite word - a word that makes you smile. Mine is 'meandering'......
The word from the entries that makes 'me' smile will be the winner and selected on August 31st .... why not have two chances to win and enter the same competition over at my Facebook page - just look for the post with images of the cushion.

...making August a little more cheery...


more cushions are for sale over at
The Linen Garden shop or lots of 
beautiful fabrics and cut flowers 
if you fancy making your own

Monday, 11 August 2014

A stones throw away...

....Yet again, this Summer, we have holidayed a stones throw away from home.  I am lucky to live on the very tip edge of the top of  North Yorkshire..... carved coastlines and beautiful beaches, seductive palettes of the dales and moorland, dappled lit humid forests and woodlands, bustling towns and pretty pockets of quiet village life all bring a sense of calm.  
The twelve months of the working year only allow the odd gap to go venturing and so towing the caravan, to sit in the middle of all this beauty, was a perfect answer to popping ones feet up for three weeks.  And, for once, I have done just that.  

Walked, pottered, meandered, explored, sat, daydreamed, stitched, read, slept well, ate well, drank well, enjoyed the sun on my face, time with Mr H. and most importantly sat back from a distance and observed how grown up our girls now many changes in a year.  If I wasn't such a terrible hoarder I would live in our caravan all year round.

books I read that I can highly recommend...