Sunday, 19 May 2013

a little request....

I receive, each week, a handful of emails from students, businesses and home-makers with little questions seeking advice on working as a maker.  Therefore I thought it would be interesting to introduce to The Linen Garden a little weekly business post where I answer a question you have sent in.  Soooo, all I need is a question from you, your name, name of business, and a short description of your business and email it to me at or leave a comment below.  I look forward to recieving your questions.

I was interviewed by Marna of Little A Designs last week and you can see my natterings and question answerings over on her blog at the moment by clicking here.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Houseplant revival!!!

 ...I have lots of obsessions...

...currently on the list is an obsession to de-clutter my house - which I am doing slowly layer by layer.  This isn't because I want to live in a minimal, considered and everything in it's place abode, far from it.  It is because I want to start hoarding again.  I am a seriel hoarder.  

I am increasingly falling back in love with house plants.  I am enjoying filling vases with pruned foliage from the garden, wonderful new and fresh leafy clusters.  So, I am about to launch into a 'plant in every room' task, whether it be a succulent, a cheeky cheese plant or an invasive palm.  Do you share my new passion??....

Old Suitcase Table
image credit can be seen by clicking on each photograph.