Monday, 11 January 2016

the eleventh of the first month

....a teeny bit late...can't believe it is the eleventh of the first month already....but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.  How are we?  Have we started the year with great ideas, long lists, a re-charged collection of aspirations, plans for the new..........?

I have entered this new collection of days on a speedy conveyor belt.....this year I have no great lists or journeys planned but I am working very hard on collating all the new stock for the 'new version' of The Linen Garden store that will be launching in three weeks - Monday 1st February.

The furniture in the studio keeps being moved around as I search for the best light to take photographs on such dark days.  The running of an online shop takes equally the same amount of energy as owning a real, living, standing, department store.  First you search, find and in my case even make your stock.  Then you work out how you want to display it to your customers, then you need to work with the season you are in....seasonal props and seasonal light.  Then the styling takes place, the photographs are takes me endless hours of working out which photographs to use before slightly editing them to guise my non-professional take to photography.  But I do my best.  Then it is the mammoth task of uploading imagery, writing descriptions, ensuring your tag words to each product are relevant, working out postage ensuring your have packaging materials to suit that product.....and then breathe......but I love every single task and minute.

So here is a little peak to what happened here last week and a little glimpse of some of the new products from the 'Paper and Print' department......