Friday, 26 October 2012

I couldn't have got through it without Bob ..

…I sit here facing the end of October, wondering how the hell I got through the last 6 weeks but also how can it possibly be the end of the month already! October has been full speed, resulting in very little time being spent here.  That wasn’t supposed to happen….This is my new blog, I am supposed to start this with full zest, inspiration and sampling in abundance…..but sometimes things just don’t go to plan…

I intend to return to this little journal – my new home… in November… and start as I mean to go on…I hope you haven’t all left me in this empty nest…helllllooooo!  Is anybody out there???  Please leave a comment and say hello so I don’t feel as if I am sat alone in an empty room…and in return I promise to start chit chats, notations, ramblings of life…..far more regularly… and to prove I haven’t been sat doing nothing here are a few snap shots of my crazy month……and I couldn't have got through it without Bob...


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures ... those menus are inspired! Lovely personal touches.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

    Love Claire

  2. That would be Bob Mozart of course ....;)


  3. Ahhh for the love of Bob... he always does the trick for me too! You have been busy. Lovely images as always...

    1. thank you sweetie - I have loved Bob since I was 4 - although at the age of 4 wasn't too sure what he was harping on about.....

  4. So beautiful as always my love x hope to see you soon xx

  5. Bob gets me through a lot of days too ,, and leonard cohen helps out as well , must catch up one day ,,,

  6. I'm glad I found your blog. Your work is absolutely exquisite!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Good day! In this article did you base on any studies or here are fully your own reflections? Can't wait to see your reply.

  8. Bonjour,
    de vraies merveilles !!!!
    ( vos fleurs c'est du papier ou tissu ? )
    Je continue ma visite merci.