Thursday, 21 February 2013

something a little painterly for you...

As the queen of list making I have just composed a masterpiece of all the makings and tasks to potter through for the exciting month that is March, orders, exhibitions and haberdashery stock to be re-loved for the shelves of The Linen Garden store.  

This year I am allowing myself the freedom of becoming a maker of all things to please my own eye, some I may sell, others I will keep.  The need to throw myself into painting again is becoming rather overwhelming, when the warm days return and I can sit in my garden again with beautiful thick watercolour paper and dyes and paint and pencils.

This is my week so far.  Has yours been a colourful one?

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  1. A lovely post, cheered me up on this very cold, dull february day. Made me think of lovely spring days to look forward to. Saw my first snowdrops today. jaynex