Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wednesday I 'flew' to London....

 ...well if ever there has been a week or two of hopping on board various exciting roller coasters, this week, has most certainly been a giddy journey....  

*A few days in my caravan on the cliffs of Whitley Bay looking over at St Mary's Lighthouse - popping out to the rock pools between showers and easterly winds - it was cold but the view and sound of the sea was resting.

* received a lovely collection of old and new lace ready to be laundered and re-loved and then hung on pretty washing lines waiting to be folded and labelled for the shelves of The Linen Garden. I love receiving deliveries like these - when you are not too sure what is inside.

*Pretty bookmarks.

*The sorting of fabric.  I find this process so difficult.  I always want to keep it all.

* Wednesday I flew to London (I say flew as I had not been on a train for ages and forgot how fast they travel - my goodness). To attend the book launch party of, (Love My Dress blogger), Annabel Beeforth's new book Style Me Vintage-weddings...and may I proudly brag that if you turn to page 83 my pretty little stationery linen sits decorating this page.....eeeek!   
 I used to shy away from 'networking' but I love it now....any excuse for a teeny fraction of a social life and it was so fabulous to catch up with lovely, lovely, lovely people....I really should have some pics to show you but I am sure they will fly around the internet shortly - and I am proud to say that, yet again, I managed to not enter the photo booth - does anyone know what a 'phobia of photo booths' is called??
P.S. I made these limited edition bookmarks for Annabel's book signing....

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  1. How wonderful & how exciting!!!
    Congratulations on being featured in the book.
    I must admit I am one to shy away from networking too! Hopefully I will come out of my networking shell one day & get to meet you in person, especially as we live so close!!!