Thursday, 16 May 2013

Houseplant revival!!!

 ...I have lots of obsessions...

...currently on the list is an obsession to de-clutter my house - which I am doing slowly layer by layer.  This isn't because I want to live in a minimal, considered and everything in it's place abode, far from it.  It is because I want to start hoarding again.  I am a seriel hoarder.  

I am increasingly falling back in love with house plants.  I am enjoying filling vases with pruned foliage from the garden, wonderful new and fresh leafy clusters.  So, I am about to launch into a 'plant in every room' task, whether it be a succulent, a cheeky cheese plant or an invasive palm.  Do you share my new passion??....

Old Suitcase Table
image credit can be seen by clicking on each photograph.


  1. Hi Vicky! I too am on a de-cluttering mission...with the intention to hoard again! I fancy a change, so I need to get rid of some lovelies to make space for new ones I love more now! ;) And, I also share your love of houseplants...they're growing on me! I used to have them...then I didn't...I know I like them again! Fickle?! Anyhow, I've been meaning to share a little about this on my blog too! Love this post! Tania x

  2. Nice post, i like your mini gardens very much. i also make as same, first and second picture is awesome in looking , great color combination and love the black colored rug.