Sunday, 21 July 2013

patchwork in blue

 I own a particular painting. It has been adopted as The Linen Garden painting. It is here just tucked away behind the garden roses.  It contains a blue that is the most seductive blue I have ever laid eyes on.  It has captivated me so much that I have dedicated a wall in the sitting room to said 'blue'.  So I have collected sample pots of paint for many a month and narrowed my choice down to two.  Liberty blue to your left and Velvet blue to your right.  This hasn't been any easy choice.  I have had to study this battle of hues by monitoring its appearance by day and by night....popping in at all times to check if it is maintaining the 'happiness' glow.  Ridiculous I know! Or am I not alone in the calculated choices made when decorating ones abode??


  1. Hello, I happened to here by chance and ....
    wonder of wonders, how much I love
    your blog, everything I've seen, your creations ....
    you name it, you're also an excellent photographer, congratulations to all.
    I'll come to visit you very often
    Love Susy ♥