Monday, 24 March 2014

gathering and listening

....I promised myself, one simple thing, when I took my first step into this year; the simple indulgence to take some time to draw and paint again.  This 'time' was not to be just a few hours here and there but to allocate approx a month out from the making diary.  Drawing used to be such an important part to all my creative paths and the last few years my art box has remained under the table.  So, I have just made up a card board box in the studio and have started to collect ephemera and such to help inform a series of paintings and sketches and collages. Now all I have to do is patiently wait for natures treasures to grow so I can study 'the botanics' .... BUT most importantly I have made a start and when that month arrives I will be prepared and inspired and ready to start with an equally eager art box......

.....pottering done while listening to....


  1. ooh looking forward to seeing more fabulous creations!

    1. I need to stop collecting and start creating!! xxxx