Tuesday, 17 February 2015

gone out of the window

...well, that's my plan for the year has gone out of the window - not a resolution but a plan - the idea to make time to post here more has not quite taken the path I was wanting..... so let's start again..... and while I re-start my aims and ambitions for this little visual journal that I love - here is one that I did actually stick to - to keep the studio tidy....tidy enough to be able to see the floor... xxxx

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  1. Hi Vicky. I have just found your blog from the mag Reloved, Junes issue! Yes I dug it out of my mag pile to take on a jollie. I have spent some time on your many posts and am smitten. Luvly luvly juvly juvly. I dibble and dabble at several crafts and collect and gather stuff. I am very lucky to have a large studio which is chocka. Apart from dabbling with doilies and fabrics I also crochet and try new things often. I am now a follower on bloglovin. You are such a lovely talented lady. So glad I found you. Blessings, Trills.