Tuesday, 8 September 2015

studio diaries - o n e

I love posting here.  because I love looking back through the months and now years observing past happenings and busyness and the ever changing face of the studio walls.

Like all, my time is precious, so for a while I have decided to post here once a week-ish  - just images collated over the days....simple story telling of a studio and a maker and a shop-seller...along with a simple gathering of words...but working in this way will ensure I post and not neglect......

o n e
...the hand painting of labels...making the details ready for the launch of 'owen and hunter' - a partnership about friendship and meanderings with my hoarding buddy Jane Day from Tea with Ruby - our pop up online store opens late Autumn (blog post to follow soon).  A project we have been working on in the side lines for a couple of years.

trying so hard to keep a tidy home... (only lasts hours)

delicate found linen treasure......

...stage one of the return making of this years collection of Linen Garden Bags

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  1. Hi Vicky, you have a beautiful blog with lots of beautiful photos and flowers. Love your floral creations! Wishing you a happy day, Wen