Sunday, 11 October 2015

t h r e e

Last Autumn I stitched a collection of bags made from linens and cottons that I had hoarded and treasured over the spring and summer months.  They were so well received and went travelling to their new English homes and sailed across seas to new countries for social adventures new.  I still smile warmly inside when I see the original marketing images appear in peoples mood boards on Pinterest ...

So...already here we are...Autumn 2015 and I have decided to do it all over again.  Secretly saving the loveliest of linens and prints to re-invent them into treasures...made from my carry 'your' hoarding treasures...

The making journey takes a while to meander through.  Every section and piece is cut first before any assembly takes place.  Outsides, liners, handles, buttons and ribbons sourced and then once I am happy with what is laid on the making table, all is pieced together with hand tacking first and then machine stitches using my treasured sixties Bernina.  Prints and colours are considered and curated together to produce one-off creations...not one ensemble is ever to be repeated again.  During this process I give them names too, a name that comes to mind when making, instead of an impersonal catalogued number.  (this will be the last time though as I am running out of names....)

The new collection will be available from 6pm (uk time) Monday, 12th October over in The Linen Garden store. A preview of all bags available will feature here in a lovely long line tomorrow for you to pre-browse before availablility.

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