Monday, 27 August 2012

...a new chapter...

...I don't know about you, but I live my life in chapters.  Small changeable stepping stones, as I weave my way through the months and years...

I love the closing of doors (in a positive way) and the opening of new, leading me to an entrance hall, with many doors, each leading to ventures new.

The Linen Garden is my next chapter.  A new journal documenting the planting and 'sewing' of my stationery world.   My meanderings and wanderings, inspirations and aspirations.
I affectionately call my studio 'The Linen Garden'.  It is continually decorated with all that is floral.  Printed stationery, linen stationery, embroideries, vases filled with snippets from the garden, bowls of fabric petals, photographs, textures, magazine clippings, old books, new books, precious china, broken crockery and hoardings of haberdashery...every surface creating a little flower bed of it's own, every wall space a trellis of work in progress.
I also have friends visiting The Linen Garden, every now and again, to share their ideas, leave a recipe or two, places new, views and reviews, as we all cluster together to share some floral love.

...I would treasure your company...and would love for you to join me and visit me once in a while and help me embellish this little journal with friendship, passions, ideas, happiness, fun, humour, and shared stories in any comments you wish to leave.......
....a beautiful floral community....

To say 'hello' and thank you for taking the time in stopping by I am holding a little giveaway.  All you have to do is become a follower of this journal and leave a comment below to win a lovely decorated linen product from the studio (details of the prizes are  in the holding post below-15th June).  The giveaway will close on Friday 30th August at midday and the winners will be announced that afternoon.  Photographs of the lovely linens will feature here tomorrow.
Image Credits: Becky Mitchell
taken from The Linen Garden photo shoot
which will feature here soon


  1. What a beguiling post and your Linen Garden sounds and looks beautiful - I would love to spend more time in it. I've been following on twitter @katgotthecream for some time but will follow the blog now too. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

    1. ...and did you know that I follow you too - especially loved the fact that you went on your babymoon to the Shepherds Purse at Whitby - been going there since I was a teeny one....

  2. You have such a wonderful way of drawing people in..good luck with your new venture ill be with you every step..Sarah xx

  3. ...I hope you keep coming back to warm your toes and feel all cosy Katrina, and Sarah thank you for your kind words-you are always so supportive xxxx

  4. Just lovely!!! Looking forward to following all the future floral loveliness. xx

  5. What a lovely welcoming first post. It has made me look forward to joining you in the "garden".

  6. So delicious! Am looking forward to more... Delighted to see more images of our flowers too x

  7. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.

  8. your new studio looks lovely ,,,,,, x

  9. Enjoying following your blog , would love to win

  10. have all warmed my heart - thank you xxxx

  11. Very attractive blog, will be back to visit again Linda :)

  12. Your new blog is beautiful. I hope you go from strength to strength :-)

  13. Whenever I catch a glimpse of your studio through images you tweet or post on your other blog it makes my heart flutter a little, it is such a hive of beautiful creativity and you always inspire me :-)

    Jem xXx

  14. Loving the glimpses of your studio - I'm quite envious as my crafting space is the dining room...:(
    Fabulous quote from Alan Bennett too!
    Hugs xx