Thursday, 30 August 2012

You made me smile Mrs Tiltman

...well I did say that this blog was to be a little floral community...
and oh my how it is happening.... 

Thank you so much for your comments, your emails and messages on facebook and twitter you have made my heart smile and this new chapter is certainly going to be a wonderful and endearing one.

Lynne Tiltman has just emailed me a link to this song
"I couldn’t really post this link on your blog, but your flowers remind me of it all the time!!" makes me smile, giggle, reminds me of being a young girl (my Nana used to sing it) and I love that the slideshow can't quite keep up with the what I want to know is, at what point in the day, after you have watched this, did you find yourself whistling or singing this english classic...and did your tuneful manner pass infectiously to someone else...please tell - I'm nosey...

see you Friday evening when I will announce the winners of
The Linen Garden Giveaway


  1. lol! Can't wait to see the comments!

  2. Beautiful.
    look forward to reading the blog daily - what a great start to days ahead x

  3. ...after a good night sleep - I found myself grinding the coffee to it this morning....