Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Linen Garden's Pottering Shop

... one of the most important avenues of running a business, particularly with a focus to spending most of your life 'on-line', is a wonderful community of like minded folk that is formed.  It is this little community that has sent me many a message, over the year, asking where I source my cut out florals and papers etc.... so one beautiful evening, this summer,  outside  my caravan I decided that in my settled month of December I would start to sell a few floral fancies and paper pretties. 
So I will be opening a store.  A hand made sort of haberdashery come papery collaging mixed with a sprinkle of creative gorgeousness kind of store/shop/place to hang out for creatives. 
 So this is what the studio currently looks like.  Filled with printed papers that have been further antiqued and dyed.  I am just about to set up dye baths filled with ribbons and lace, all in preparation for the first week of December when The Linen Garden Pottering Store opens its little doors.
 So every fortnight or month I will re-stock the shelves, all will be small collections of gatherings and makings, for you to further the creative path and transform purchases into new products or simply style within your home/workplace or transform a tired piece of furniture or clip into a scrapbook - endless avenues and paths to wind away the hours of decorative play.  .... I will announce the opening date of the online shop next week. (which is open to uk and international clients) x


  1. Hi Vicky, can't wait to get my hands on some of them! Caravans inspire all sorts don't they, best wishes, Sharon x

  2. I love your style. Looking forward to browsing your shop.