Monday, 10 December 2012

the first paragraph of my business plan...

....december for me is a month of contemplation....
business plans that tend to involve visuals and not words avenues....a calmness....reflection....
the planning of new partnerships....and the making of lovely inspiring 'things' for you lovely creatives, potterers and makers to pur-chase if you desire .... here is a few of those visuals from the first
paragraph of my business plan...


click on each image for image credit link


  1. This is the most beautiful business plan I've ever seen! I love this idea. I think I'll use it when I get round to making my own business plan....! So much more inspiring than a whole lots of words. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. How is it now? Have you decided to continue with the business project? Another factor to put into consideration before starting a business is how you can effectively promote it. The field of mobile marketing is vast and full of potential. I hope you consider checking that one out!

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  4. You have a personalized way of making your business plan, Vicky. It can inspire you to go on to what you’ve planned. However, I think it will be better if you print out the formal format of your business plan so that you’ll have something to focus on.


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