Saturday, 10 August 2013

pottering at home....

  I consider myself to be very lucky to work from home, this also means that I spend many long hours in my making room.  Venturing into the house to attentively nurture family life but never really relaxing and enjoying these walls as my home to relax in.  I am taking the next 4 weeks away from work to do just that.  So I will be pottering around my little garden, reading lots of books in my favourite varied chairs, strolling the beaches and the dales and the wolds of north yorkshire, playing lots of board games, drinking lots of lovely red wine and generally catching up with life.

Lots of changes here in September.  This journal of mine has been neglected slightly due to the studio being at full steam ahead of late, I am looking forward already to all the little treasures, journeys and meanderings I'd like to lead you to. this is just a little note to say that my two stores The Linen Garden and The Vintage Drawer will be closed, shelves need dusting and stock takes need to be done....enjoy the sunshine....and let me know what you are up to this Summer...hope you get some time to relax too.......xxxxxxxxx


  1. Enjoy your break Vicky, you deserve it!

    Love Claire xx

    1. Well that is very kind of you - I intend to rest the bones and re-charge with red wine!!! xxxxx Have a l;ovely summer Claire. xx

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