Tuesday, 26 November 2013

...the theatre of the seasons...

I don’t know what it is about this time of the year but it brings a wonderful wave of contentment.  I adore closing the curtains and switching on the lamps when evening is really only tea-time and I get a little confused by the time that the clocks display.  The blankets over the chairs have the most amazing ‘to sleep’ effect on me whenever I unwrap them and snuggle down .  Hot water bottles at bedtime.  I am not a fan of milky drinks but come November and I crave retiring for the evening with just that.

At the time of year when you are wanting to get cosy I love nothing more than a brisk crisp walk in the cold, wrapped up in layers.  The gathering of seed heads, brittle bare branches, grasses and berries.  There is something so therapeutic about enjoying this green and auburn land, we are so very lucky to experience the theatre of the seasons changing. 

This is a perfect time for me to define my next working year.  I throw myself into the indulgent path of research, construct lists and allow the ideas to entertain my giddiness.  I dust off my book that is filled with notations and sketches and cuttings.  Notes that have been made at many a time through out the year when I have wished for a spare hour or day to go off track from the working diary and escape into a little experimental bubble.  So the next couple of months I will be pottering in a productive manner which will also allow more time for me to stop by and document my little journey into 2014 and share with you some of my indulgent makings.

Enjoy the approaching warmth and cold of Winter.

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