Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I make. You make.

My work is my obsession, my past time, my hobby and secondly my business.  If I chose tomorrow to close my business I would still make something everyday.  It is in the veins you see.  So because I am so passionate about making I love to encourage others to make too.  That is why my business is cut into two paths.  'I MAKE' - is The Vintage Drawer and 'YOU MAKE' is The Linen Garden (see links to the left).

The Linen Garden is always stocked with lots of vintage haberdashery and fabrics for you to purchase gatherings and bundles of to start new projects.  If you are in search for ideas then there are also DIY packs - Decorate It Yourself.  This seasons DIY packs are my 'Love Brooches' - a perfect making project to give to friends as gifts or make for yourself to decorate that cardigan.....  So here is a little glimmer of what is currently folded on the linen shelves and stood to attention in the haberdashery boxes.....You can pop over to The Linen Garden the quick route past the garden shed here

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