Wednesday, 19 February 2014

cushion composing is currently half term and the most important task is to ensure that my girls relax, have fun, create memories and most importantly make life stop for a little while.  Even though they are only young (6 & 9) they work hard - far harder than us adults at times - their teeny brains exhausted.  
Term time is full of learning and doing alongside after school activities, homework, they are little a Mum I have only just recently accepted that it is 'ok' to simply do not that much at all at half term, especially this time of the year.  No tearing around for miles and miles....just letting them escape into their own little worlds, ocasionally popping out for a saunter here and there....

 ...working from home means that I can just pop into the studio and spend a couple of hours a day preparing for the next few weeks.  The splendid joy of sorting and tidying and gathering materials for the next collection....I can spend hours just laying fabrics next to each other, playing around with compositions as if it were a board game.  I am , over the next few weeks, working on this seasons collection of cushions.  I only make so many a year and each being a one-off treasure.  I keep two for myself and sell the rest either at fairs or over at my Etsy store The Vintage Drawer.

So here is a little snippet of the next makings...
I'll keep you informed as to how I get on.
...And if you fancy joining in then you can grab yourself some floral pretty over at
- lots of fabrics and lace and trimmings to get those making hands stitching....



  1. Mums don't have easy choices do they. Enjoy your time with the girls.


  2. Beautiful fabrics!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger