Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lotti's (two) 'happy-sad-happy'

...What a wonderful week I have had.  Surrounded with panels of Sanderson like palettes of paint.  A creative, inspiring, feel good week.  Long hours sewing into the night but I have loved every pinned seam, every tacked thread and every machine stitch.  My Bernina has sewn miles and miles.

So today was quite an emotional ride - the first of the commissioned installments for Lotti's 
happy - sad - happy 
all in one day

HAPPY - to see the cushions finished in their tumbling pile
SAD - to think of them leaving the studio as I have become quite attached to their cheeryness
HAPPY - to see them delivered and popped in place in their new home
(more to come in the next few weeks)
Each a labour of floral love - So,..... the cushions are complete and here they all are in their little towers and clusters - now all that is left to work on is just a few little decorative details, a window to dress, a few shelves to arrange, lampshades to adorn, boards to style, frills to hang and curtains to make and then I am going to spend a couple of days with beautiful Lotti & Michelle and take some lovely photo's to share with you .... and once finished we can all hang out and have tea together at 'Lotti's'
 Have you ever worked on a project that has just made your heart sing??  I would love to hear about here!!

 Fancy making something decorative yourself - then stroll down the lane to The Linen Garden - there may be something that takes your fancy?????


  1. It will be a shop full of gorgeousness, what more could you ask for!! I can't wait to visit, x

  2. What a lot of work! but they all look so beautiful. Have been a fan of your work on etsy for some time so I'm pleased to have found your blog and shop, lovely photos.