Friday, 9 May 2014

wonderfully exhausted I can only describe myself as being 
'wonderfully exhausted'.  

Is there such a thing?  
I think there is.  
Early mornings.
Late nights.
Happy at work.
Giddy with ideas.
So much that brings contentment at my door at the moment.
A creative bubble.
Not knowing what is around the corner.

I have changed the pattern of my working life.
Breaking away from the 'bread and butter'
manufacturing avenue and allowing myself the
freedom to 'explore'.

Back to researching.
Creating new chapters.
Stopping the worry and stress regarding how 'full' the diary is 
but focusing on how 'full' my heart is with
opportunities, challenges, contentment, happiness
and to simply wake up every morning  
and enjoy my job.

It is a job, a 'real' full time job.
A job that I have worked hard to sustain.
A job that requires me to work far longer hours than
the normal full time employer would expect.
But every day is different.
I work from home.
My kids see how hard I work 
and how happy you can be in work.
All I can ask is that they find their own passions in life 
and be equally happy in their own little path.
 I feel very lucky to be totally submersed in what I do 
and to be surrounded by so many people who 
I have met through this thread of work. 
Folk that I speak to every week - but have yet to meet in person.
Folk who have become wonderful friends in my life 
who I will treasure forever.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that 
'aren't we all very lucky'.
We need to keep supporting each other with our words of wisdom,
all our collective pockets of experiences we can share,
a smile, a helping hand, a nudge in the right direction 
when someone appears lost.
Working for yourself can be a solitude place if you allow it to be.
But I come into my studio each day - 
switch on my computer and it is like opening the door 
to the most happiest office party, whether I speak to people 
through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, here.....

It is all so rewarding in so many ways.

I am bambling, I know.  
But today has been a bit of a standing 
on the outside edge 'looking in' kind of day...
and for once, I have the time, to actually be able to 
stand still and 'see' and appreciate what I have.

I am a very lucky flower lady who is now going to reward herself
with the best Gin & Tonic a Friday can offer.

Have a wonderful weekend doing things 
to fill your memory banks


  1. Oh those trimmings in the last two pics would look lovely sewn on the bottom of my that's a thought!! x

  2. What a gorgeous bunch of pictures! I love your work and I'm glad you do too! Xxx

    1. oh thank you so much Amanda - that means alot xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely words Vicky xxx

    1. thank you for taking the time to read my bamblings and ramblings Gem - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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