Tuesday, 3 June 2014

great-great grandma's chair...

I am slowly trying to finish jobs/tasks/projects in the house that started years/months/weeks ago.  It is wonderfully satisfying to channel little pieces of time here and there to your abode - as, in this household, it very rarely happens.  I spend lots of time making 'things' to make other people's homes look pretty and sometimes neglect my own, domestic chores take over more than the decorative ones .  
At the end of this month the house and my studio will be photographed for a book (all the details are very top secret but I will let you know the frills and layers of it all once I am aloud).  I love my little home and all its little treasures and so it is nice to just finish off those few little projects.  
When I was little, sat in my Mum and Dad's bedroom, were a pair of chairs at either side of the bed.  They were my Mum's great grandmother's.  Always piled with books and never sat on.  The thread of the seats were unsteady and strands were missing here and there.  These wooden treasures are now in my house, and have sat patiently for years being moved from room to room, placed in corners, taking a roll as shelves for books and lamps.
Now, you may know, but I hate to throw trimmings and scraps of fabrics away.  I like to find a new use. You can see my crazy paving ribbon here... I stitch pieces of left over vintage linen snippets together to make pretty lengths, not an inch of fabric is wasted.  I also collect selvedges, I wear them as scarves, use them as handles, all sorts of re-inventing happens in this little studio.  So, I decided to use them as a form of webbing, to re-seat the chairs.  The first is now complete and looks rather lovely against the bareness of the wood.
It will probably take me another year or two to re-web the second chair....so, for now, that will remain in a corner and continue to be moved from room to room as an occasional lamp stand.  


  1. So blooming clever you are, that looks fabulous darling, so darn creative it's rubbing off on me! Jx

  2. Another lovely post. I couldn't work out why after finding you the posts weren't coming through then realised today I hadn't pressed the follow button... but it does mean I get to read a whole group together so can't complain. Not surprised you will be producing a book, your work is beautiful.