Tuesday, 24 June 2014

whispers of freedom and unplanned stitches......

I can't begin to tell you how satisfyingly delightful the last 7 days have been, they have brought a calming wave of contentment as I have escaped into my own little world making bits and bobs...taking time out in the garden....just sitting in the house an denjoying a quiet moment with a brew and a little tower of books...a visit to York car boot (my favourite and most giddy place to shop).  Escaping into a self indulgent world happens very little - but when it does I appreciate every whisper of freedom and every stitch unplanned.  I will not bamble you with over excited words but just leave you with snapshots of how a little period of time has been seen through my eyes.....


  1. Your pictures are dreamy and have taken me away to a wonderful place! I adore your lounge, so inviting and comfy. So glad you had time to stop and smell the roses....there should be more of it!

    1. I am trying to learn how to smell the roses more often Linda, instead of drowning in linen dust. xxxx

  2. Sounds and looks just about perfect. ♥

  3. it was like a week in therapy ;) xxxx