Thursday, 4 September 2014

happy new year!!! (I don't mean to confuse)....

I'd like to describe studio life, at this particular point in time, like 'flying by the seat of my pants....but as I tend to very rarely leave these four studio walls - the chance or opportunity of 'flying' is very unlikely.

But by flying I mean giddy, excited, heady with ideas.  I have talked before about how I feel September is my 'new year'... it is the time of year when I like to plan...set a few goals...reflect...

I am not a business plan writer....way too formal for me and my little creative hub does not turn around enough money for me to invest hours and days in writing sentences about marketing and projections to make pages look decorative in terms.........neither am I hungry to have a turnover of thousands.....I owned a more 'commercial business' with a healthy turnover years ago and every day I felt as if I was drowning.   I have never been more happier than I am now.

So when I step and paddle my way into September I love to look back at what has happened over the last year as every 12 month journey is so very different to the last. Here is a little meander through the months - just a few of my favourite images....some you may have seen...some you may not....

So I raise my glass of giddyness and say a big thank you to everyone not only to those who have made a purchase from the shop shelves (although I will pop an extra dash of giddyness in your glassxxxx)  but to those who have left a comment here on my blog, who have encouraged and supported me on social media in their 'likes' and messages, for friendly smiles and wisdom words, new friends made and old friends who know I love a good those who know I talk way too much but listen to me (or switch off) and nod in the right places new projects collaborations just starting to hatch....and to my beautiful Mum...who I know reads this blog (occasionally) and who inspires and supports me in so many ways.  We never spend enough time with each other but hopefully this will change as we are starting a little making collaboration (but that is in another post soon xx).  Love you Mum. xxxxx






MARCH 2014

 APRIL 2014

 MAY 2014

JUNE 2014

our new pretty arrival...Za

JULY 2014


and meandering into SEPTEMBER many plans and too many notebooks.....


  1. Such a wonderful post!! I just found your blog thru Pinterest. I'm looking forward to reading your past posts. Your photos are wonderful!! Have a beautiful day!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. Oh for a tour around your work room... such beautiful photos, you are so prolific I feel like a sloth in comparison. x