Monday, 30 March 2015

crochet palettes

...part of the journey to anything I do is to not waste a scrap.  Any discarded fabrics or threads or general materials in my makings are re-worked-re-invented-re-claimed-re-dyed-re-assembled....recycling finely tuned....

One of the most popular products in my vintage haberdashery shop are these Potter & Sew Crochet Packs. Crochet mats and doilies from the thirties and forties that have been damaged over time are collected slowly over 6 months and re-claimed and dyed and dismantled here in the studio....

My favourite part is making colour palettes...all placed in collections ready for makers to re-make-re-work-re-present as something else..... they are now available in The Linen Garden

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