Tuesday, 31 March 2015

gathering and listening

Last Friday was my birthday.....Year No.46

I don't know why but I find birthdays a tad emotional....I don't think I will ever understand why...I am a chirpy girl whose glass is always half full and never empty (normally with a good red)...the slight tearyness that greats me at the start of every birthday arrives unexpectedly and slips away quietly - never staying around for too long to be a concern...new year has the same effect....

This year was exceptionally special...Mr Hunter took a day off work and we went exploring while the kids were at school - it is rare that we spend time away without our little brood, so days like this day are precious ... Sleights-Egton-Sandsend all in four hours - I love our little nook of North Yorkshire.

We then had our thrice yearly night out at a friends cocktail bar The Sitting Room in Saltburn - you haven't been?? Then you must... our Becky makes the best Earl Grey Martinis in the land....

I love travelling through my forties...everything feels comfortable...calm...contentment covers me like a good old durham quilt....however I do look at the number 46 and can't quite associate it with myself...but hey-diddly-ho aren't we all like that...the years are whooshing by quickly like the wind....I still have the giddyness and livewireness of a twenty year old and hope that remains for a very long long long time... ;)

So I wonder what the next year brings....love these yearly journeys...

and taking this with me into year No.47

and cannot stop listening to this wonderful album

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day out and about with your man. I remember 46,,,almost 20 years ago. Seems like yesterday.
    You are wonderful and talented, I have followed you for a long time and enjoy reading your blog. In fact I have it saved on my desktop.
    Wishing you a nice Easter, and wonderful Spring!
    Great Cake!