Sunday, 12 April 2015

postcard - easter holidays at clumber park

Firstly, I had to sneak this image in from my Instagram journal.
Every year we receive a hand drawn egg from Grandad to roll at easter 
- pretty cool Grandad isn't he?!!


When ever we can we grab collections of days to escape away in our little touring caravan - we cherish this tin tent of ours.  This holiday we went to the pretty estate of Clumber Park owned by The National Trust in Nottinghamshire... endless wooded walks of birch wood and fir.  Cycle rides - we hired a tandem - certainly tests the marriage!! We are now all slightly sun-kissed from the weather being kind... Relaxed and beautifully chilled and ready to start the next series of working are our postcards.....

 and obviously a trip to see the big oak of Sherwood.....

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  1. I can't believe you were only round the corner from me! Next time you are in the area do come and have a cup of tea in the studio be lovely to meet you.