Thursday, 30 April 2015

the sketchbook journeys No.1

A late afternoon of tidying has lead to an hour of play....(I mean learning).....
I am trying to slowly study my produce images that work well, just as they are, without the use of Photoshop, or a filter, or a tweek or being totally re-modelled in Instagram ..... laid bare.....capturing light, evoking darkness when suits, baring the colour that is true to the subject in front of me.....and hats off to all you professional photographers out is hard.  I am not technically minded and have to read instructions and sentences more times than is really required.....I have a lot to learn.

I am still guiding my way through Emily Quinton's Makelight photography online workshop which I signed up to do and then never had time to do it properly (another story)....but now I am making time.  Making time for ME.

You see I am about to start a little journey.  An indulgent image making, experimental, research filled kind of journey.  Visual travels with an unknown destination.....and it feels great......  So this is 'the sketchbook journeys no.1' can follow my progress through the labels at the left hand side of the blog......all will be numbered until the journey is complete.....stay with me..... this is a two year project.  Sometimes my recordings will be a simple image and others it will be ramblings and rolls of images......


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    1. Oh thank you Sarah-Lou .... I think I need to shadow a few people and listen to the how's and why's .... xxxxxxx Loving what you are doing at the moment - you seem so busy and so inspired. xxxxxx