Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'remain inactive for extended periods'

We hit October faster than a speeding train and something happens to me.  I want to hibernate.  The colours of Autumn seem to nurture even more intense ‘home sweet home’ feelings. 

I ‘do’ cherish Spring and the warmer months. I am an early riser.  I take great satisfaction in gaining 2 extra hours from a morning by rising naturally at 5 before the rest of the house stirs.  That first pot of Lady Grey tastes far better than the 25 later in the day.  The early light is inspiring.  The stillness is cleansing and the slight north east breeze felt, while taking tea in the garden chair, is more refreshing than the splash of water on your face.

Hibernate = (of a person) remain inactive or indoors for an extended period.
Origin: Early 19th century (earlier (mid 17th century) as hibernation): from Latin hibernare, from hiberna 'winter quarters', from hibernus 'wintry'

I have become besotted with all that is ‘cosy’.  Excited by the return of ‘thicker’ layers (I tend to be layered up even in the Summer).  Annoyance initiated by over powering electric lights.  General contentment initiated by early dusk and the lighting of candles before 7pm.  Slow cooking and autumnal puddings.  Bed.  Eiderdowns. Wool blankets. Winceyette. Expensive ‘lie-about’ socks. ‘Early-nights!!’…….

So I leave you with my current pictorial addiction.  I would love to know what makes you smile through autumn…..

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  1. I adore all of the above but not so keen on dark mornings when the alarm goes off, I'm a snuggly bunny and like my cosy bed too much x