Sunday, 27 October 2013

interactions of lace

All my tools have been put to bed for a little while as I am about to embark on a couple of months researching and planning the events of the next two years - well, I call it 'Research' which is the formal title of being sheer indulgent in pottering around, collecting, drawing, magazine flicking, re-visiting books like old friends, visually drowning in pinterest and generally doing as I please without being dictated to by an order book.

So it all starts here....a pretty collection of antique reclaimed lace that was delivered to me last week.  As I am unsure of whether to use it in my makings, pop on the shelves of The Linen Garden or keep it to look at every once in a while, it has been orderly pinned to my studio wall.  This little task has now lead to a rather charming 'interactive lace wallpaper'.  I can't be inspired or creative unless my surroundings is just that down with the old and up with the new so to speak.  

As it is making me feel rather cheery - I thought I would share the studio wall with you too and I'll keep you informed of where my research takes me - feel free to add to your research boards too by 'pinteresting' any of the images too - I love uncertain journey routes - don't you?


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