Friday, 15 August 2014

hours of indulgence

At occasional times, through the year, I flit away to my caravan (I am sure you know as I never stop talking about it).  These times are to make life stop awhile and to enjoy passing time being a little indulgent.
During the odd hour or two I like to take a few hoops with me....I never know how they are going to turn out...but I can disappear in hours of stitching, while the radio is on and preferably in my favourite chair with a little sun on my face.

So here are the first two from this year ( a few more to appear over the next couple of ways or so)... These are now for sale over at The Linen Garden shop... they have lived on my studio wall for a couple of months where I have enjoyed their stay and now they need to flit to new homes.  And....if you fancy the idea of flitting away a few hours with me and making a hoop for yourself then I will be announcing a 'natter and stitch' workshop here in the studio during late September/October.  Keep watching. Lots of dates for workshops will be announced next week - even one in

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  1. I'd love the idea but Yorkshire is a bit of a shlep for me, I'm sure you'll get lots of people for the course.