Wednesday, 13 August 2014


It has been a long time since I did a giveaway....but I fancy sprinkling a little floral happiness around.  My holiday has left me feeling rather chirpy and cheery.  
This little 11" hand made cushion, with it's own over sized 'floral love' brooch, (which I am sure it won't mind you borrowing once in a while for your cardigan), can be yours to sit pretty in your abode.
All you have to do is be a follower of this little journal of mine and leave a comment below telling me your favourite word - a word that makes you smile. Mine is 'meandering'......
The word from the entries that makes 'me' smile will be the winner and selected on August 31st .... why not have two chances to win and enter the same competition over at my Facebook page - just look for the post with images of the cushion.

...making August a little more cheery...


more cushions are for sale over at
The Linen Garden shop or lots of 
beautiful fabrics and cut flowers 
if you fancy making your own


  1. Isnt that just the prettiest cushion, a lovely nod to spring. Mmm one word...I always loved using the word phantasmagorical when I was at school, it conjures up the imagination of all things magical and strange

  2. I have just found you on FB, your floral makes are so pretty. My favourite word is 'claggy' a good Yorkshire word for thick and sticky and yuk! Have a happy day, Linda x

  3. My favourite word is 'wanderlust' ....just typing it caused me to grin and daydream of wonderous travels afar! ^_^

  4. Gorgeous cushion, I love your work. Hmmm.....favourite word, which to choose...'pottering' is what I'm currently doing a lot of as I'm off work over the summer holidays, and am loving pottering in the house and garden. Thanks for your generous giveaway. Gill x

  5. Such a pretty cushion. My favorite word has to be Poppin 'cose I'm always poppin here, there and everywhere!! x

  6. Lovely cushion and beautifully embellished. Don't think I have any favourite words, but a word that always makes me smile is 'tubby' as in 'come on tubby' said as a form of endearment obviously!

  7. I love the word, "wanderlust"... it makes me think of "meandering" through new places and making new discoveries!

  8. This is an adorable little cushion.. I would love to win it!! One of my favorite words is one that is a made-up one.."Diddley-boppin" which means I have to get going, and get busy..