Sunday, 31 August 2014

a sunday sigh

Whether I sell my makings or a selection of haberdashery from The Linen Garden shop
it is always my absolute pleasure and joy to wrap orders as 'I' like to receive.

I love that my customers leave me messages to say what a joy it was to open up their 'parcels of pretty' which makes the experience of a purchase even more special.  And we all love those special details in life.

So - what is this to do with my usual 'sunday sigh'??? It is that the receipt of my new stickers simply made me smile and contentedly sigh .  A simple sticker and a sheet of tissue.

A posting of the top image on Instagram and Facebook 
brought requests and asks for me to consider selling them.

So I have ordered more so I can do just that and they are now available over at 
The Linen Garden on the Paperie shelf.

Enjoy your Sunday
I hope something brings you a sigh of contentment today

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