Monday, 15 June 2015

Renee Scott

The garden, to me, is a diary.  It measures time, re-kindles memories, plants come and go like cheery visitors and some are planted for deep hearted reason.  I planted this rose nearly 20 years ago when I lived in a cottage on my own.  It was planted in a large pot to remember 'nana' as I only had a yard and not a garden and it was important that it could be moved and travel with me.  The colour, the scent, the rambling nature all in memory of Renee Scott.

Now this rose is in the ground here at moved home and away from its pot 13 years ago and was placed against the trellis that centres across the garden....and around the middle of June the first rose pops before cascading across the trellis with its colour and scent....and at the first bloom, every year...I always say "hiya Nan" ...

The first bloom is always picked and brought into the house like a smile.....

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