Saturday, 27 June 2015

gathering and listening

...I have so many reasons why I 'need' flowers in the house, no matter the season.
They are settling.
Not only do they make a room visually change but they can change the feeling of a room....change the scent. Differing changes in appearance through the dancing light of the day is always such a pleasure to watch and a treasure to have.
A diary of sensations.
Alone as a statement of loss/love/happiness/friendship or 'just because'.
-or- cuddled up in bunched company, comforting, snug, wholesome delight.

This week the flowers picked from the garden and flowers bought are to get me from a to b.  I need this week to go the other side will be the arrival home of Mr H. who has been away for over 5 weeks...away too long.  So when this mix of delicate and sculptured flowers start to fade

I will have my best friend home.

Has there been a reason/a story behind your floral snippets this week?

...and somewhere in the background I am listening to....


  1. Our house is filled with foxgloves this week. We had a great crop; dark pink, pale pink, white and one in an apricot/pink. They had sprung up in the wrong place, beside the shed and smothering the strawberries, but earlier in the year I couldn't bear to pull them out. Then we suddenly had enough money for something I have needed for years but couldn't afford and it needs a shed. Our shed was too small; we need one twice as big. So the foxgloves, strawberries, aquilegia and other stuff I don't know the name of have had to come out, some into pots to go back later. So rather than waste all the flowers, they have been appreciated indoors. I'm not happy to dig them up but ah well....

  2. My garden loves foxgloves. It used to be a woodland so they thrive - and re-seed and naturally move around the garden every a slow dance. Enjoy a little snippet of the garden indoors....... and I so need a new shed....ours is home to insects rather than 'stuff'... xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Our foxgloves have grown in all the paving cracks this year, not in the borders where I assiduously sprinkled all their seeds! Enjoying my first few sweet peas at the moment - the smell is divine. And plucking up the courage to cut the allium seedheads, now the flowers have mostly gone over. I love their sculptural forms and the way they change from green to beige as they dry.

    1. your garden sounds just like mine....I haven't grown sweet peas this year and I am missing having them around so much. My aliums have now been picked due to 'kids and balls' - they may have been rescued a little too early though ;) xxxxxx