Sunday, 30 September 2012

friendship gatherings in The Linen Garden

...August, this year, brought together a gathering of friends to transform my studio into a more styled version of itself.  My studio is 'The Linen Garden' an affectionate term I use to describe my place of work.

 ...and what a wonderful two days we had transforming this room into an 'Arts and Crafts' inspired place of work....

...I want to share with you 'The Linen Garden' shoot - this is the first part - the second will follow next week - but this isn't a post about the details of the images, the wheres and whats - but it is about 'friendship'. 

As a maker I sit and work alone, for a high percentage of my working week, just me and the radio between the school run.  It is hard to be disciplined, but I seem to be quite good at it.  But what keeps you going is the wonderful working relationships of projects such as this.  I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have such a wonderful cluster of friends who too work in the wedding industry, We inspire each other, we meet for work related projects but we also 'go out to play' and gather at car-boot sales and such and have a ball and it always ends in tears - tears of laughter and jealousy of each others purchases.

I adore these ladies, their sparkle for life, their kind souls, their love of treasured 'things' - makes me smile....and laugh....and feel part of a wonderful little community of creative folk.  I sometimes can't believe that this is actually my 'job'.....

There is also another avenue of 'friendship' that has wonderfully grown over the years, this little online community. From the gorgeous cluster of floral appreciators here at The Linen Garden to the little Facebook and Twitter communities that are an active part of my daily social life. And every single message and comment left reminds me that I am not working on my own.  I feel I have lots of friends here - some I have met, some I feel as if I have actually met, some I have plans to meet. Alot I will never meet in person but will treasure their input into this creative little home-makers world. My daily fuel. So I send you a hug (hugs are very important in life don't you know - I am sure you do) and say thank you and hope (fingers crossed)  you stick with me for another exciting year as September is my new year - the month of new designs, new projects.  So it may have been a little quiet here since The Linen Garden was 'sewn' but the Fair season is about to calm and I have so much floral inspiration I want to  share with you.....and this is the start.... would love to know what you think....

Styling & Props: Tea With Ruby & Vicky Trainor
Linen Stationery: Vicky Trainor
Floral Styling: Darling & Green and here Darling & Green
Model: Sophie Dale
Birds: The Cotton Potter


  1. Such a lovely post to read - it really is about the wonderful friendships you make along the way and not just the work. The photos are as beautiful as ever and capture your amazing work perfectly xx

  2. So endearing. Soothing and sweet.

  3. As always you make everything look so beautiful...sigh...
    Sharon x