Friday, 7 September 2012

...the decorative art of dining....

...after a very hectic few months, the art of dining has been a little neglected at No 17.  We have worked very hard, long hours, food has been the last thought, bad food has been the first thought when you realise you are hungry which results in grabbing 'brown' carbs.  And then there was the holiday.........
I have a spring in my step and have promised myself that the next 12 months I need to look after myself a little more than I do. For those of you with a young family, will know, that as a Mum, you tend to place yourself last on the list. 
I am hooked, addicted, obsessed with Pinterest. I find all kinds of inspiration there.  I sit very early on a morning, just for 10 minutes, with my first cup of tea and browse beautiful imagery while the house is quiet. 
I wanted to share these images with you. Welcome to my new diet. My 'Decorative Diet'.
My plate is to be a colourful one, (thank goodness wine comes in crystal red). Only using small amounts of brown to enhance the colour on my plate.  If you click on each image it will take you to the creators of these beautiful images and also escaping recipes to make the autumnal months that little bit more perkier!!
....have a wonderful weekend, I hope these images inspire you to be a creative god/goddess in the kitchen this weekend...
 Please complete this sentence
"Life is like a bowl of.........."
(and please do not put cherries)


  1. Strawberry Angel Delight (yum yum!)

  2. Life is like a bowl of . . . . salsa. There's a bit of a kick, peppery chunks here and there for variety but smooth, sweet tomato flavours too!

    A decorative diet sounds like lovely way of encouraging yourself to get creative in the kitchen, the images you have found are divine

    Jem xXx

  3. Fabulous images!
    I've long thought of cooking as an art form.

    Life is like a bowl of.....chocolate, creamy..and probably bad for you!
    Hugs xx