Monday, 10 September 2012

holiday postcards - nunnington

 ....we all have our favourite places. Escaping places, nostalgic places, special places of romance, places that hold therapeutic qualities, places that allow your children acres of wonderful freedom, places that make us feel at home even when we are far far away. 

This Summer we had our holiday just down the road in York.  It took just over an hour to tow our little touring caravan to a place of utter beauty that is just on ouor doorstep - North Yorkshire.  Life stood still, we sat out in a continual flurry of changeable weather, this was just as beautiful as the sunshine and the sun did treat us to the occasional appearance.

 ...we packed up lunches and flasks and sun-cream and rain macs and meandered our ways through the days...  here is our perfect day out to Nunnington Hall.  A very perfect grey drizzly August day.  The girls were happy as they could 'run' every where (do your kids do that-have to run every where), dig, draw, watch birds from the secret garden, eat ice-cream in the rain with peacocks tormenting them (you don't even have to pay extra for the peacocks-no photo I am afraid as the peacocks were a bit too much for me - ice-cream and cake attracts peacocks and wasps - I am never to be seen if a wasp wants to share our table.)
I was happy wandering through the many beautiful rooms and garden with my camera and Mr Hunter was extremely happy as there are lots of signs to read - (Mr Hunter likes reading signs)...
Do you have a perfect place - please share -
I can pop it in my 'places to visit' notebook...
 (please note this is not a real person - all though I did question for at least 30 seconds and wouldn't go close for a while - I have a problem with scarecrows looking a little too realistic...)

...we spent a few days on holiday running
from the rain to a place of shelter...

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  1. That sounds like a great place to's a while since I've been to York.
    My earliest holidays were spent in caravans...Redcar, Whitby and Scarborough...
    Hugs xx