Tuesday, 21 January 2014

cut flowers from the garden

...cut flower hearts from the garden are now back in stock...


  1. Beautiful! Your blog is so darling. And I wouldn't have thought to use/attach cut-outs the way you do, so your blog's--and Facebook's--photos and projects just fascinate me. So beautiful! ♥

  2. Hello Val - thank you for stopping by and taking time to say such lovely words....they are very much appreciated and warm my heart on this cold and nippy day... xxxx

  3. You are quite welcome. I'm actually mentioning you and your beautiful blog on my own blog later today (as soon as I get my post finished, it will be up) ~ because you inspired me to add some of my own cut-out fabric flowers to a wing chair-redo I've been working on for awhile. :) Thank you again so much for the idea.

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