Monday, 20 January 2014

sheer bloomin' floral happiness get to know and learn, after a few years of practice, how long a task will take you...but crikes have I had a long 48 hours......And that means something coming from a girl who thinks 24 hours just isn't enough time in the day.

DAY 1.
Sunday. I set up my make shift photo board and sat, patiently, on a very grey day waiting for the late morning light to wave hello through the studio window.  The light in my work room is particularly wonderful between the hours of 10 and 1 at this time of year.  But the room became darker as the skies became more grey.  Dark northern skies may I add.  At busy times like this I need the weather to work with me, when I really need a blue sky and a bright day I like to think the weather will perform just for me. I almost, stupidly, just expect it to be there.  I don't have fancy photography lights.  I like natural light.  I have deadlines.  I am impatient. I want to be able to cross tasks off my list.  I never learn.  Was I annoyed with the grey or was I more disgruntled that I had to work a Sunday (especially when I am supposed to be my own boss).

After messing around with test shots and trying to do clever things in Photoshop with pretty bad 'dark day' results, I was about to give up, when the skies must have been that annoyed with my tuts and curses that they decided to part the clouds and let a little 'light flood in'.......  

Happiness.  Sheer bloomin' floral happiness. 

Monday.  I have spent the best part of the day (since 5am) sorting and tweeking and labeling photographs ready to place on my Etsy shop.  11am.  I sat at my computer with hands poised, like a mad pianist, ready to keyboard my way through the day rather smoothly.  Technicalities.  Every time I started to list a product the internet would cease and flip me back to a starting point. So I unplugged wires, reconnected wires, juggled wires trying to look as if I knew what I was doing. What has been going on today?? According to the land of twitter a fair few of us have had 'issues' - very small ladders and great big gigantic snakes have been my board game to the working day.  And would you know it - three hours later it rectified itself just like that.  Not too sure which is more annoying.  But I don't know how I did it - but I got there.  Half of the products made, photographed and listed and the other half lay on my making table awaiting attention and love and I will start the whole process again. 

Next time I will look ahead at the forecast and book myself in advance for a beautiful sunny day and I am going to start listing products when the whole nation is asleep.  Life is so much simpler when you are sat at a table with your fabric and snippets and your sewing box.

All products are listed on my Etsy shop 'The Vintage Drawer' if you care for a meander around the shelves.

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