Sunday, 19 January 2014

the making table certain times of the studio diary, the making table looks wonderfully alive and productive, and brings an amazing sense of achievement to that particular day... as the final stages of a product being completed has taken weeks to reach.  We sometimes forget when pricing a product about the preparation time we labour over.  The research, the planning, the making of templates, cutting out, backing, dyeing, drying, stitching, sorting, sourcing..... 
This last week has started to show the results of many hours patiently sat cutting flowers, embroidering and hand sewing - I often wonder how many miles of stitching I have sewn since I first picked up a needle and thread...miles and miles and miles.  
My Etsy shop has appeared rather empty over the last month or so and I am now rather excited to be finishing the last details before they are photographed, listed and then wrapped away in buttermilk tissue while awaiting their new home.  It may be very grey outside but it is certainly rather chirpy here in the your making table cluttered-creative-chaos or organised rows and neatly stacked layers...? xx

You can find lots of lovely vintage and antique supplies for your makings over at my haberdashery shop
The Linen Garden


  1. I love your making table !! i am waiting for my new workshop to be built !! and hope my making table wil look as pretty

  2. oooh new workshop!! good luck with that - I sometimes wish mine wasn't embedded in the house. xx

  3. I like you all Designing of Linen. all are very attract full. I am pretty happy to visit your blogs and interesting in all that. May your workshop successful.